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Coming soon! A new alternative for treatment resistant depression in our area! Ask our staff or your provider about this new service!

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Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates, or "MPA" for short, offers a wide range of Mental & Behavioral Healthcare services for patients and organizations in the Montgomery River Region, central Alabama, and beyond.

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MPA LEGAL - MontgomeryMPA LEGAL is the Forensic Services division of Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates.

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MPA - Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates

About MPA

Thank you for choosing Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates (MPA) for your psychiatric care.

Our mission at MPA is to effectively meet your mental health needs in a friendly, professional, and caring environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have an emergency when the office is closed, including:

  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Homicidal thoughts or behaviors
  • Or any significant emergent medical symptoms,
Please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

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If you need to cancel or reschedule a follow-up appointment, please allow 24 hour advance notice.

For new patient appointments, please allow 48 hours advance notice to reschedule.

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Should you have problems or concerns that need to be addressed between your appointments, please call the office and speak with your doctor’s clinical assistant.

MPA’s office staff is trained to gather the necessary information to aid the doctor in assessing your situation.

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In order to better coordinate your care, we ask that you bring your prescription medications with you to each office visit.

This will enable us to determine how many refills you will need to last until your next visit, thereby eliminating the need for you to telephone the office between visits for refills.

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Insurance is patient specific.

MPA is happy to file a claim with your insurance carrier. It is our goal to verify your particular insurance coverage and benefits and notify you of this information before your scheduled appointment.

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You have several rights regarding your medical information, including the right to inspect and copy information that may be used to make decisions about your care.

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October 23, 2017 - Depression is a common but serious illness. Everyone feels “sad” or “blue” at times, but severe depression can wreak havoc in lives causing dark, shadowy feelings that can last for… Continue Reading »
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Best Psychiatrist in Montgomery

"I have thoroughly enjoyed knowing Dr. Freeman. He is a delightful man and, in my opinion, the best psychiatrist in Montgomery and surrounding areas."

W. A. Patient William Freeman, MD March 22, 2014

Truly Listens To What You Have To Say

"Dr. Freeman is one of the finest psychiatrists I have ever met. With over 20 years experience with him he has been a great doctor and great friend (on a professional level of course). He Continue Reading

J. K. Patient William Freeman, MD February 18, 2016

Experience, Level of Expertise & Body of Work Was Impressive!

"I recently had the pleasure of consulting with MPA Legal in Montgomery. I met with Dr. Karl Kirkland as part of a collaborative effort to produce online content on the topic of forensic psychology. His Continue Reading

V. B. Client - Montgomery, AL Karl Kirkland, PhD January 19, 2018