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Forensic Services – MPA LEGAL

MPA LEGAL is the Forensic Services division of Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates, or MPA for short. We're located in Montgomery, Alabama . We offer Forensic Psychiatric Consultations and Psycho-Legal Assessments for civil and criminal cases, at the local, state and federal levels. Forensic Psychiatric Services at MPA Legal fall in the following areas: Civil/Personal Injury …

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Laura Baird - LPC - Montgomery, AL - Montgomery Psychiatry Associates

Laura Baird, LPC

Laura Baird Counseling Therapist Education Certifications LPC Professional Profiles Social Networks About Laura Laura has worked in a variety of clinical settings with both adolescents and adults over the past fifteen years. She has earned degrees from the University of Alabama, UAB, and York University in Toronto, Canada. Laura is especially interested in: Trauma Addictions Bipolar …

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Betty Sebring - LPC - Alabama - Montgomery Psychiatry Associates

Betty Sebring, LPC

Betty Sebring Counseling Therapist Education MEd Certifications LPC Professional Profiles Social Networks About Ms. Sebring has been with Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates for over a decade. She enjoys working with: Children Adolescents Adults Betty also has experience working on an inpatient psychiatric unit. Her special interest areas include: Depression & mood disorders Post traumatic stress …

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Counseling & Psychotherapy

Counseling & Talk Therapy Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates (MPA) offers a wide range of Counseling and Psychotherapy Services in Montgomery, Alabama and the surrounding Metro area. Our Licensed Counselors and Social Workers share a common goal; to promote Mental Wellness and positive Emotional Health of our patients. Click here to learn more about MPA's counseling therapists, …

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