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Child Counseling

Image Credit: ((Winslow Homer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons ))

Child counseling, also known as child psychotherapy, can be a very effective treatment for children and adolescents who are dealing with mental, emotional, and behavioral issues.

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Why Child Counseling?

Many people question the need for child counseling.

In today’s world there are a variety of stresses that confront tender, developing children and adolescents from every angle.

Kids often experience anxieties at home due to parental conflicts or marital disruptions over issues related to:

  • Economic pressures
  • Unfaithfulness
  • Divorce
  • An absent (or non-custodial) parent
  • Alcohol and drug addiction

Children also endure stresses at school stemming from:

  • Homework
  • Test performance
  • Peer pressure
  • Bullying

The onslaught of such pressure and stress can harm a child’s mental health.

Benefits of Child Therapy

Counseling can help children with mental health issues in a number of ways.

Besides offering relief from the harmful effects on kids, it also acts positively towards:

  • Strengthening child mental wellness
  • Assisting with the development of important problem-solving skills
  • Teaching them how to express their feelings in a healthy, respectful way

Children are, therefore, not only healed from the effects of aggressive external forces, but they are also provided help to overcome future pressures within themselves.

When Should You Seek Counseling for Kids?

Through effective counseling and therapy, children can be helped with handling a myriad of daily pressures.

However, there are some life events that might give cause for immediate intervention.

At the top of the list are events that result in significant and dramatic changes for the child, including:

  • Divorce
  • The death of a close family member
  • Loss of a treasured pet
  • Major moves or relocations
  • Devastating illness
  • Military deployment of a parent
  • Abuse (physical, sexual, and/or emotional)

Any of these circumstances or crises can trigger intense bouts of stress, which can severely alter normal behavioral patterns and affect a child’s mental and physical health.

"Signs" That Your Child Might Need Help

Some children hold anxieties in and it may not be readily evident that they are having problems.

However, significant inward stresses will eventually manifest via external signs.

Should any of these signs occur, it is a very good indication that child counseling by a licensed therapist or child psychologist is required.

Stress-related signs include:

  • Speech problems
  • Sudden changes in bathroom or grooming habits
  • Relationship problems
  • School and social behavior reversals
  • Excessive behavioral changes, including:
    • Anger
    • Disobedience
    • Eating disorders
    • and many others...

For additional information about child mental health issues, conditions, and their symptoms, please contact Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates.