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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Image Credit: Jacquelyn Armstrong, LPC ((Image Credit: Artwork by Jacquelyn Armstrong, learn more about Jacquelyn by visiting her profile page »

About Jacquelyn: Jacquelyn Armstrong is currently a practicing Licensed Professional Counselor at Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates, located in Montgomery, Alabama. ))

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, can be a very effective treatment for those suffering from emotional and behavioral issues.

For more information about CBT, please contact Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates.

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that combines "cognitive" therapy and "behavior" therapy.

CBT focuses on changing negative thought patterns, feelings, habits and behaviors in order to bring about positive transformations in a person’s life.

Therefore, cognitive behavioral therapy uses various strategies that emphasize self-help and practical methods for dealing with negative behavior.

Advantages of CBT

There are several noticeable advantages for seeking out cognitive behavioral therapy.

Benefits of having sessions with a cognitive behavioral therapist include:

  • They are short
  • Treatment focuses on the "here and now"
  • They're very instructive

Therapists practicing CBT focus the patient’s attention on actually getting better rather than simply feeling better.

This is accomplished through teaching patients how to recognize destructive thought patterns and then change them for positive behavioral modification.

Time spent with a cognitive behavioral therapist can be much less than with other types of therapists.

Another advantage of seeking help via cognitive behavioral therapy is that it is extremely useful regardless of a person’s cultural background. This is due to the focus remaining on the goals of the patient and not on predetermined goals of the cognitive behavioral therapist.

The structured nature of the counseling sessions also creates a close and comfortable atmosphere between patient and therapist which tends to provide results much faster.

Issues Best Treated by CBT

CBT is quite an effective form of treatment for a number of behavioral rooted problems, including those who suffer from:

Success of CBT methods are also more easily tracked due to their being targeted on specific goals.

Is CBT for Everyone?

Although many people are improved by this form of type of therapy, CBT may not be the right choice for those who are not comfortable with delving into themselves introspectively.

Cognitive behavioral therapists rely heavily on the patient’s willingness and ability to analyze his or her own feelings and thoughts.

Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates has treated many patients in the Montgomery area using cognitive behavioral therapy. Please contact MPA for more information.

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  • Vernon Blake

    I received Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from a local Montgomery therapist many years ago. This type of counseling turned out to be the most productive and beneficial talk therapy, or “treatment”, I ever received. Over 20 years later, I still practice the skills and techniques I learned and developed during my CBT sessions (many times without realizing it). You don’t have to have a “serious” problem to benefit from CBT. In my opinion, it should probably be mandatory for students and employees. Nothing to lose and much to gain; for yourself, your relationships, your education, your employer, AND anyone else you interact with!

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