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Truly Listens To What You Have To Say

"Dr. Freeman is one of the finest psychiatrists I have ever met. With over 20 years experience with him he has been a great doctor and great friend (on a professional level of course). He truly listens to what you have to say he can explain things so simply. He has definitely improved [my] life and helps me with all of my problems. So if you are seeking help I promise this is the guy you want to go to. I no longer see him as my life journey's have taken me elsewhere but I just want to say 'Thanks'!"

J. K. Patient William Freeman, MD February 18, 2016

Best Doctor in Montgomery, Alabama

"This Doctor is the Best Psychiatrist I have ever seen. I had to go through some horrible experiences with other Doctor's putting me on medication that actually tortured me at times. Dr. Freeman listens to what you have to say when you tell him what the medication is doing to you and your body... he gets you back to normal as soon as possible."

S. T. Patient William Freeman, MD February 18, 2014

Keeps Me Making Healthy Decisions

"In times when I may have felt totally disconnected from healthy reality, it is the knowledge my therapist is always available that keeps me making healthy decisions."

T. A. Patient Counseling Therapists @ Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates December 2, 2016

Pushes Me to Always Be Better

"Kyle is awesome! He pushes me to always be better. I would recommend Kyle Flaherty to family and friends."

L. B. Patient Kyle Flaherty, LPC June 8, 2016

Helps Me With Daily Stresses

"She always gives me goals and tasks to do. Jacquelyn is very encouraging, she helps me deal with my daily stresses... that I am harder on myself than I should be. She makes me feel I have value. Jacquelyn always has suggestions on how to cope not only with my diagnoses but with everyday life and I value her opinion."

C. N. Patient Jacquelyn Armstrong, LPC June 12, 2016

A Caring Doctor

"Doctor William C. Freeman is a caring doctor that I have seen for more than 10 years. I have recommended him to a friend. He spends as much time as I need during my office visits."

C. D. Patient William Freeman, MD September 3, 2013

Helped Me With My Desired Goals

"Jacquelyn did a great job! I enjoyed my counseling sessions with her and she helped me make progress with my desired goals."

G. M. Patient Jacquelyn Armstrong, LPC July 17, 2017

Best Psychiatrist in Montgomery

"I have thoroughly enjoyed knowing Dr. Freeman. He is a delightful man and, in my opinion, the best psychiatrist in Montgomery and surrounding areas."

W. A. Patient William Freeman, MD March 22, 2014

Discussed Healthy Coping Skills

"My therapist helped me establish goals depending on my current concerns. We also discussed healthy coping skills for future prevention and how to handle possible side-effects of medication. MPA does a fantastic job of being efficient, professional, and courteous."

A. C. Patient Psychotherapy Services July 12, 2017

Experience, Level of Expertise & Body of Work Was Impressive!

"I recently had the pleasure of consulting with MPA Legal in Montgomery. I met with Dr. Karl Kirkland as part of a collaborative effort to produce online content on the topic of forensic psychology. His experience, level of expertise, and body of work in this field, and its application to legal matters was impressive. His calm demeanor and meticulous attention to detail enabled me to better understand the medical jargon and myriad techniques and concepts related to his forensic consulting services. We discussed the Likert scale and how it's used to develop tests and score results, the challenges and best practices when performing online research, and the complexities of legal-behavioral science case law. Dr. Kirkland's knowledge regarding forensics, mental health issues, and Alabama law kept my project on course and schedule. I also appreciate his patience and eagerness to repeat answers when I struggled to keep up. I'll definitely consult Dr. Kirkland in the future!" Reviewed on Google+

V. B. Client - Montgomery, AL Karl Kirkland, PhD January 19, 2018

Jacquelyn is the Best!

"Jacquelyn is the best! She provided counseling services for approximately 5 years. She stayed on schedule and was timely with setting up return appointments."

I. C. Patient Jacquelyn Armstrong, LPC September 10, 2016

Provides a Level of Trust & Comfort

"I had many therapists over the years, and Jacquelyn is by far the best one that I've seen. She provides a level of trust and comfort that usually takes years to establish. I feel that she has helped me in many ways and I use the advice and tasks she suggests to help me cope."

S. S. Patient Jacquelyn Armstrong, LPC July 17, 2017

Treated Me With Dignity & Respect

"Dr. Armstrong is amazing! During our therapy sessions, she treated me with dignity and respect. She encouraged me to establish goals and develop healthy coping skills. I'm happy Dr. Freeman recommended her."

D. H. Patient Jacquelyn Armstrong, LPC July 15, 2015