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For New Patients

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Welcome to Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates! Just call us MPA for short.

We appreciate your choosing us as your mental health care provider. We hope to make the first visit not only an opportunity to deal with your immediate concerns, but also a time to get acquainted.

As a new patient, you might be feeling nervous about your upcoming visit. It's perfectly normal. We'll make every effort to keep the process as pleasant and productive as possible.

MPA is interested first and foremost in your well being and mental health.

If you've a new patient, please complete and submit all 3 forms on this page. Thank you!

About Our Forms

Most patients have “issues” they'd like to address on the day of their first visit.

Because a psychiatric diagnosis depends a great deal on your life history, one of the best ways to “jump start” the first consultation is for you to complete several of our patient assessments, questionnaires, and worksheets.

This source of information helps us get to know you more quickly and allows us to learn more about you after you arrive.
You'll find all of our new patient forms on this page.

You can fill out these forms online at your convenience. Also, you can save your work and pick up where you left off at a later date.

Patient Intake

Registration, Acknowledgements, and PHI Consent

Insurance Verification, Financial Responsibility, Emergency Contacts, Acknowledgements, and Patient Consent for Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information (PHI).

Patient History

Health, Family, and Work History

The confidential information provided with this form helps us more effectively and thoroughly understand you and the specific circumstances which bring you to visit us.

Patient Inventory

Personality, Attitude, and Behavior Survey

A quick response checklist we use to gauge the psychological well-being and current circumstances of new patients related to attitudes, values, and opinions. Have fun!