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MPA Prescription Refills - Montgomery Psychiatry Associates

Bring Your Prescription

In order to better coordinate your care, we ask that you bring your prescription medications with you to each office visit.

This will enable MPA to determine how many refills you will need to last until your next visit, thereby eliminating the need for you to telephone the office between visits for refills.

Online Refill Requests

In some instances, we can accommodate your prescription refill request via our online form (below). Prior approval may be required.

Electronic vs Paper Prescriptions

We currently use electronic prescribing for as many medications as possible.

This results in direct transmission of your prescription to your pharmacy of choice.

Not all pharmacies can accept electronic prescribing and not all medications can be prescribed electronically. In that case you will receive a paper prescription.

Pharmacy Benefit Manager

If you use a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and are able to receives prescription in greater than thirty day quantities, please inform us BEFORE we write your prescriptions.

We will then provide you a paper written prescription for your PBM.

Unfortunately, we are unable to fax prescriptions to your PBM.