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Your Mental Health & Well-being 

Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates (MPA) offers Psychiatric Consultations and Patient Assessments in Montgomery, Alabama and the River Region.

Psychiatric Consultations

Our new patients come to MPA from several different sources, including:

  • Primary care physicians
  • Other psychiatrists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Insurance carriers

Others find us on their own, either through referral by a friend, family member, or word-of-mouth.

Regardless, coming to a new office, especially one in which mental health concerns are addressed, is almost always a source of confusion, and typically, some anxiety.

At MPA, we make every effort to minimize this.

We want the entire process of your evaluation to be unsurprising and helpful.

Patient Assessments

We attempt to schedule a new visit as soon as possible with one of our available psychiatrists.

Prior to your first visit, we may ask you to complete one of our Patient Assessment Worksheets. To download these forms, click here »

The first visit is lengthy (several hours, plan for half a day), relatively expensive, and thorough.

You will fill out several forms. These can be tedious, but the more thoroughly you do this, the more use it will be for us in helping you.

You will then work on one or several computer based programs, also designed to help us quickly get to know you.

This is especially important because on the day of your first visit you have “issues” that you want addressed that day, but psychiatric diagnosis depends tremendously on your life history as a source of information.

Next, you will meet with one of our doctor's clinical assistants to review basic elements of your history and current state.

Developing A Treatment Plan

Finally, you will meet with the doctor.

You might expect at that point to “lay on the couch” or begin “analysis.” This WILL NOT happen.

Instead, the doctor will review the information, give you an idea regarding your psychiatric condition, and outline a treatment approach that is appropriate for addressing that condition.

Treatment may include:

  • Further diagnostic tests like laboratory and radiological studies
  • Referral to a counselor for talk therapy, either in the office at MPA or in the community, based on your needs
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Psychotropic medications

We will coordinate, with your permission, our assessment and treatment plan with your primary care provider and your family.

Defining Goals & Expectations

After your first visit, our goal is to provide you with:

  • A clearer understanding of your condition
  • An informed grasp of the risks and benefits of various treatment approaches, including no further treatment
  • A very clear understanding of what to do in the case of an emergency or other troublesome event
  • A sense of hopefulness regarding your new treatment

You will also leave, we hope, with a newfound belief that everyone at MPA is interested first and foremost in your well being and mental health.

Thank you for the privilege of allowing Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates to work with you.