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Experience, Level of Expertise & Body of Work Was Impressive!

"I recently had the pleasure of consulting with MPA Legal in Montgomery. I met with Dr. Karl Kirkland as part of a collaborative effort to produce online content on the topic of forensic psychology. His experience, level of expertise, and body of work in this field, and its application to legal matters was impressive. His calm demeanor and meticulous attention to detail enabled me to better understand the medical jargon and myriad techniques and concepts related to his forensic consulting services. We discussed the Likert scale and how it's used to develop tests and score results, the challenges and best practices when performing online research, and the complexities of legal-behavioral science case law. Dr. Kirkland's knowledge regarding forensics, mental health issues, and Alabama law kept my project on course and schedule. I also appreciate his patience and eagerness to repeat answers when I struggled to keep up. I'll definitely consult Dr. Kirkland in the future!" Reviewed on Google+